The 12 Family Goal

It is the goal of every member of the 12 investment group to better there community through strategic planning, partnerships and investments; while inspiring our friends and neighbors to do the same.


Managing Partners


Stefon’s story is a product of connections and passion. Starting in 2013, Mr. Houston began working and training as a firefighter and EMT. During this phase of his life, he gained medical knowledge, a passion for solving problems, and the ability to form honest, long lasting relationships. Simultaneously, Mr. Houston developed a talent for Real Estate; starting his first company Stefon Buys Houses.

Moving forward, Mr. Houston began merging his medical connections and knowledge with his entrepreneurial expertise. This merger led Mr. Houston into starting his second company, Houston Medical Solutions, by partnering with a group of doctors he formed a relationship with as an EMT.

Today, Mr. Houston’s passions and talent has motivated him to further bridge the gap between real estate and health care. Preaching that the world can only benefit from having motivated individuals working together to produce creative solutions, Mr. Houston started his third company; Garden of Eden Independent Housing. Garden of Eden is a for-profit residential independent living company that is focused on providing living solutions for at risk and homeless adults. Each home takes a group of homeless persons off the street and directs healthcare and community resources such as mobile doctors, physical therapy, psychiatry, and more.

Motivated for the future, Mr. Houston looks to use his clear understanding of the real estate market and his knowledge of the medical industry to create world changing solutions that elicit tangible and purposeful results.

Stefon Houston
Managing Partner | COO

William is the definition of hard-work and dedication. When he is convinced that an idea of his has potential, he works hard to obtain great results from all of his ventures. This led him to partner with the entrepreneur Hamsavardhan Mohan to build various companies, such as H&W Technologies, and 3SquareVentures. These companies focus on investment, business management, and other specializations, such as billing and coding aid for hospitals and medical centers

Castellanos has a truly inspiring story behind his success. Born in Los Angeles, he accompanied his mother in her daily job, which was to clean and help maintain properties in the area. William realized the true value of money in this stage of his life, and from a very young age, he sought to excel in school and to prepare himself to be successful in his professional life. Nowadays, William remains humble to his roots and realizes that everything he has achieved comes from hard work and his strong leader and entrepreneur characteristics.

In his early work life, William found his mentor Yvette Herrera, a nurse practitioner, who he credits for his desire for success and determination. Yvette played a pivotal role in his life, giving him confidence and a role model to look up to.

If there is something in common in the businesses that Mr. Castellanos leads, is that all of them offer modern solutions to the problems of inexpert entrepreneurs. William believes in win-win relationships with smaller ventures with great potential. Additionally, his companies can help with the management of rapidly expanding businesses, for them to reach their full potential and truly benefit from their ideas.

His greatest success comes in the form of a medical billing company known as Baruch Business Solutions, which he founded along with his partner Hamsa. Today he dedicates his life to improving the healthcare institutions all around the US through his firm.

As the co-founder of both The 12Family and the previously mentioned 3SquareVentures, it is clear that William, with the years, has acquired the skills of a true innovator, who is able to create, manage, and grow enterprises from a single idea. With his mission set on giving back to the community, he looks for potential young talent to help them unleash their potential with the right guidance.

William Castellanos
Managing Partner | CEO

Entrepreneurship and a talent for conducting transactions started for Erik at a young age. Mr. Jensen, quickly became interested in the art of the deal. At 18, Mr. Jensen put together $5,000 to accompany his father on a buying tour in Atlanta focused around rebuilding neighborhoods. During the tour, Mr. Jensen naturally gravitated towards the professionals that were performing at the top of industry. This gravitation ultimately led Mr. Jensen to cultivate long lasting and meaningful relationships with high level financial and real estate professionals while acquiring invaluable knowledge in both industries.

Years later, Mr. Jensen found himself struggling to earn any growth after a few instances of early success. His financial mind, continued to strive for success despite only possessing his reputation and work ethic. This journey developed his professional mentality of honest people, honest solutions, and honest transactions. Before long, Mr. Jensen used this mental fortitude and moral approach as a framework to start his own finance company, Proper Investments, now known as Jensen Investments. This company soon grew exponentially, leading Mr. Jensen to acquire more knowledge and a seemingly endless list of capital sources.

Today, Mr. Jensen uses this network and his overarching knowledge of both the financial and real estate industries to source highly profitable investment opportunities utilizing what he calls an “extremely patient, steward like approach.” At this moment, he “sees everything fluidly,” for he understands that the “incredible resources” he possesses can only continue to propel everyone forward as both professionals and himself as a young man.

Erik Jensen
Managing Member | Funding and Real Estate Expert